Paper Flower Backdrop

30 см х 30 см - 80 usd
40 см х 40 см - 100 usd
50 см х 50 см - 120 usd

Paper Flower Backdrop #2

This paper flower set of 7 Unique Large Paper Flowers + 10 paper leaves + 7 Paper Butterflies + 8 single hydrangea paper flowers will cover around 40″w X 40″h //100cm:100cm space.

It includes:

5″//13cm 2 Big Hydrangea flowers
6″//15cm 1 Small Garden Roses
7″//18cm 3 Medium Garden Roses
13″//35cm 1 Big Garden Rose
10″//25cm 10 Paper leaves
3″-4″//7-10cm 7 Butterflies
1.5″//4cm 8 single hydrangea flowers



All orders would be created within 3-5 business days.


This paper flower set would be shipped via registered international mail from Kyiv, Ukraine. Delivery time 2-3 weeks, unless you choose the EXPRESS SHIPPING during the check out, that takes around 10 working days.


We will provide you with flowers that already include mounting scotch squares. Take off the protecting tape and easily stick the flowers to the background. Very reliable!


As a rule we send the paper flowers in our special boxes. Each flower is fixed in a proper way in boxes, so we may guarantee that they arrive in perfect shape.

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